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This I think will be my very first critique on any art piece, so bear with me on this.

This work speaks more than a thousand or even a million words at the view of nature, one not many get to see unless you live in a part of the world where the Northern Lights are apart of your life. As a resident of an area where the Northern Lights appear from time to time (Alaska; I know this picture was taken elsewhere though lol), for me, this speaks volumes and reminds me of how beautiful nature truly can be.

One thing that stands out is the transition of the sky. You see the colors of how the night sky would appear normally on any given occasion. The next thing you see Nature do her work with mixing colors to create such spectacular lighting that it has you wonder if your mind is truly playing tricks on you. Seeing an aurora in a picture is one thing. Seeing one in person opens up another realm in your mind and your perception of Nature. Seeing this picture gives a smile to me due to it not only reminding me of when I very first saw an aurora, but it also has me hope I will ever see such shapes in them.

I gave this picture five stars across the board on everything for the following reasons:

Vision: The detail is crisp and clear. To be able to catch an aurora is difficult, unless you have the right camera. Even at that, one would have to pray that it comes out spectacular. This one came out not only spectacular, but it came out looking epic.

Originality: I gave this five stars because this is the first I've seen of a dragon in the Northern Lights. You can literally see the dragon in this, which makes it memorable. Other reason is dragons are a favorite animal for me :)

Technique: Again, five stars because of this photographer having the right equipment for the job, has impeccable timing to catch the Northern Lights at just the right moment showing the shape of the dragon, and also picked one hell of a location that makes it all the more stellar than most pictures one can find on the Northern Lights.

Impact: This got five because of what I think it does for me. This is one photographer, I will say, that has got himself a lifetime fan from me due to how this picture brought back the perfect memory of my first viewing of the Northern Lights. As mentioned, seeing an aurora up close and personal is indescribable and this photographer has caught that moment and feeling for me in so many ways.

Overall, this is one picture I would recommend people viewing at least once, if not more than that, just so everyone can see what a truly lovely experience it is to see an aurora. :)
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